Defining American Fusion

American food is not easily identified.

Known as the Melting Pot, the United States of America is inarguably heavily influenced by many other cultures.  And American food is just that: cuisine influenced by many cultures, including those of Native Americans, early French and early British immigrants.  There is no particular spice constantly cooked with, one signature cooking method used nor a particular food found in most of its dishes.  Despite not having its own unique identity, the country of immigrants embraces its multicultural society by adopting names for its dishes to express its colonization roots, popularly French fries and Chinese food.  But there is much more to American food than these dishes, pizza and apple pie.

Alexandra’s Restaurant at Turf Valley, too, embraces the ultimate American culture and cuisine.  Serving dishes originating from different regions of the country, Alexandra’s, led by head chef Chris Vocci, recognizes the importance of fusing foods that define American cuisine. From game to seafood and cheesecake to pasta, the Ellicott City, Md.-based restaurant wholeheartedly captures the essence of Americanism in its breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert American Fusion Cuisine menus.

With the Pacific and Atlantic oceans surrounding America’s Western and Eastern shores, it’s no surprise that seafood is not only enjoyed across the country, but plays a strong role in defining American cuisine.  Maryland Crab Cakes and Lobster rolls, popular dishes you can find at Alexandra’s Restaurant, even made CNN’s Top 50 American Foods this year.  Alexandra’s not only serves seafood dishes, but also other American favorites, including Classic Kobe Burger, Baltimore Cheese Steak and Pumpkin Cheesecake.

More importantly, Alexandra’s Restaurant possesses strong American principles.  Built by a family chasing the classic American dream, the team at Alexandra’s values placing the needs and desires of its customers first and striving to fulfill the restaurant’s full potential.  Alexandra’s Restaurant completely embodies Americanism through both its culture and cuisine, helping the definition of true Americanism become more evident.

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